{breathe} "Darth Vader" Seamaster - a brief overview... {breathe}
{breathe} "Darth Vader" Seamaster - A Brief Overview...(Quiet Version): {breathe}
Written by Chuck Maddox USA! on 29 January 2001,
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[Recently in the Omega Forum a poster asked what the dickens a "Darth Vader" Seamaster was. With little information available about this watch I wrote up the following brief overview]

The Darth Vader Seamaster is so named because I bought one and bestowed upon it the nickname "Darth Vader" because of it's appearance (a watch that would look completely at home at Darth Vader's wrist)... Here is a picture of Darth:

Since then, as I mentioned the nickname I had for this watch on various forums, the use of this nickname (and that of the "Anakin Skywalker Seamaster" below) have become common parlance and it's not unusual to see eBay and sales corner listings of either model with these nicknames.
Dimensions of Omega Seamaster "Darth Vader" Chronograph...
Width w/Crown:
Width w/o Crown:

"Darth Vader"

106.5 g

Note: Weight is on a leather strap

The Darth Vader Seamaster is a case reference 145.023 that was produced by Omega in the early 1970's (I've heard for middle eastern markets but I can not confirm this). It is a Seamaster c.861 (same as moonwatches of this time) in a unique, nigh octagonally shaped case with a black ceramic finish...
Omega made at least One other watche in a similar case with similar dials. The one is an interesting polished tungstun-chrome finish with a blue/red/black dial that I have nicknamed the Anakin Skywalker Seamaster as this Seamaster that hasn't "turned to the dark side", yet... =) I have also seen a model which sports what appears to be a Gray Ceramic finish, but otherwise looks identical to "Anakin". I'm not entirely certain that this isn't just an trick of light and digital photography, but I do mention it in case people see one. Here are a couple of shots of "Anakin":
Eric Katoso has a nice write up on a "Darth Vader" Seamaster that he owns on his Favorite Omega's site. I feel my example might be in a little nicer shape than the one Eric has pictured but there are some nice additional scans located on this page on his wonderful Favorite Omega's site...
The Darth Vader Seamaster is fairly rare, I've only seen two or three (Eric's, mine and maybe one other). I would guess the going rate would be around $1,000 although I paid less for mine in November 1999. The Anakin Skywalker Seamaster is slightly less rare, but the value is similar to the Darth Vader.
Here is the information that John Diethelm sent me on my "Darth Vader" Seamaster:
From: vintage information @ omega
Sender: John Diethelm
To: cmaddox@nospam.xnet.com
Subject: Chuck MADDOX / yr enquiry dtd March 06, 2001
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 12:11:14 +0100
Dear Sir,
in reply to your above enquiry, we have the following details from our archives :
  • OMEGA - Seamaster line
  • mvt N° 32'202'803
  • manual winding chronograph movement of caliber 861 - 17 jewels
  • watch reference : ST 145.0023 - basically stainless steel case ( polished ) - tempered mineral crystal
  • available also under the same reference, but with the steel case covered with a " hard metal - cap , then the top is " black "
  • manufactured and delivered to Singapore in January 27, 1972
  • Therefore the watch reference " ST 145.0023 " is basically the same stainless steel case, for both versions ! The " grey " coating might have been a case " brushed-up " to make it look differently than for the normally polished case...since we never had made more than these two above versions, i.e.
    • stainless steel
    • stainless steel with hard-metal cap
thank you for your interest in our Brand...
best regards
John R. Diethelm
Vintage Information
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