LeJour: The Precise World of Chronographs
 Compiled and presented by Chuck Maddox
on 31 July 2007, 21:20 GMT
Last updated on 31 July 2007, 21:20 GMT
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This manual is intended for LeJour Chronographs utilizing the Valjoux 7750 Movement. This instruction manual will be of use to owners of similar chronographs by Zodiac, Gallet, Rolex, Heuer, Omega, etc....


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As with most instruction manuals and catalogs, no copyright is present on the booklet. Since LeJour didn't claim copyright, I feel I can not as well. The only stipulations that I place on this document that it not be used fraudulently (in other words, do not misrepresent printout's of this document or scans as an orginal manual)...

-- Chuck