Important Matter: A packet of ordering materials from O&W
Presented by Chuck Maddox
on 11 August 2005 16:45 GMT,
Last Revision 11 August 2005 16:45 GMT

Envelope, Letter, Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Price List, Sales Conditions, Statement of fair usage...

The following is a packet of information I recently purchased off of an eBay auction. The packet of material contained information for purchasing of watches, Chocolates and other products of Switzerland. Not all of this information has been digitized and posted here, but the material of most interest to watch collectors is... Clicking on any image will open a 1600 pixel wide version of the same graphic in a new browser window...

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As with most instruction manuals and catalogs, no copyright is present on the instruction booklet. Since O & W did not claim copyright, I feel I can not as well. Thus the only stipulations placed on this document that it not be used fraudulently. In other words, don't misrepresent printout's of this document or scans as an orginal manual... That's fair usage...


-- Chuck