Speedmaster Mark II Reprint Released--II

Jul 25, 2004 - 11:29 AM


I think you would get almost all the answers from the photos!

Hesalite crystal

SS case back, Seamaster logo, Cal.1861 (see the tag??)

My girl-friend reserved the watch from this department store (Marui City)

Evance, a big watch store in Shibuya and Ginza
Ruckdee, I don't have the e-mail of Marui City, but the e-mail for Evance is info@evance.co.jp, or you may check the site, www.evance.co.jp ; my girl-friend said that Evance has a like new MkII for sale at around 290,000 yen. For the MkII reprint, Evance staff claimed that the watch would arrive later and with some discount.

5 storeys watch store...so marvellous, that's may be the reason of why Japanese have all the fun and get all the really unusual models...clam down, Chuck ^_^

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