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[Authors Note: Back in September 1999 Jeff Huber posted a thread in the Omega forum titled “Seamaster Pro Chrono Owners, lend me your ears!”. I had posted one of my typical long winded replies. After briefly losing a print out of the post I re-typed it and posted it as my first TZ Classic. Since then I have learned a good deal about the nuances of posting HTML in a message on TZ and also have acquired decent photographic capabilities for posting pictures of my watches. So in the spirit of revision and improvement, I am revisiting my earlier TZ Classic posts and refreshing them with additional thoughts, links and scans. I hope you enjoy this update... -- Chuck]

Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph Ti/Ti
While I have only owned my Titanium Seamaster for only about two weeks, I have wanted one since I first saw one. My reaction when I first saw one some years previously was the same as when Steve McQueen and James Garner test their prison-brew moonshine in the movie "The Great Escape"... "WOW!!!"


w/o Crown:


Pro Chrono Ti/Ti

Current model Seamaster with Valjoux 7750 base movement.

I have to contrast some comments that others have made about the Seamaster. First off, at least in the Titanium version, the Seamaster Chrono is not that heavy. As it tips the scales at 142.7 grams, I own several watches that are heavier, including four Omegas:

Reference Number:
Base Calibre:

Seamaster Pro Chrono Ti/Ti

Valjoux 7750

Mark III(a) Automatic/Pro

157.165 g
Lemania 1341

Mark IV Professional

144.7 g
Lemania 1341

Speedmaster Automatic Tourneau / Bar Bracelet

155.15 g
Lemania 5100

Speedmaster 125

182.9 g
Lemania 1341
It isn't the largest watch either... My Sinn Space One Titanium dwarfs it in size. Interestingly enough the Sinn is also lighter at 125.5g, it must be the plastic parts in the 5100 movement!. I've read that the Stainless Steel version of this watch weighs 206 grams. So, If weight is a serious consideration hold out for the Titanium model. Another excellent Titanium watch similar to the Sinn is the Tutima NATO Chronograph. It's size is somewhat smaller than the Space One, but it shares absolute outstanding nighttime visibility. The best of any watch I own. The Seamaster Professional Chronograph also has excellent nighttime visibility in the same league as these two watches, but not _quite_ as good because of the skeleton hands. An example of the SeMPC's nighttime visibility follows.
Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph @ Night...

-- Photo graciously contributed by Ghost Rider

The Seamaster bracelet is not _the_ most comfortable I've ever warn either... It's a close fourth behind my TAG-Heuer Kirium Chrono, my Omega Speedsonic Lobstertail and my IWC-Porsche Design Chrono with a Delryn bracelet.
Regardless of your opinions on TAG-Heuer the next time you are in a store that carries the Kirium Chrono, try one on. It's an amazing bracelet. The bracelet itself feels like a strong band of liquid metal. My wrist goes “Ahhhh” when I slide the Kirium onto my wrist. I do have to say that the clasp on the Seamaster is the best I've ever seen. Secure, easy to open when intending to do so, and the “Z” fits oh so flush with the buckle. To be brutally frank the Seamaster clasp is what Rolex clasps dream of being when their owners let their power reserve run down.
The strong points of the IWC-PD's Delryn bracelet are: It is nearly as comfortable as the Kirium, the material of the bracelet never feels hot or cold to the skin, and best of all for me, because it is made of a polymer it does not mar the surface of my laptop as a metal bracelet or strap buckle could. On DuPont's (the maker of Delryn) website described as “a plastic with metal-like qualities”. The case itself is made of Aluminum (years before Bvlgari trotted out an Aluminum cased watch), while the case back and internal "Z" of the clasp is made of Titanium. Delryn, aluminum and titanium, all in one watch... Who said Rado had the lock on exotic materials!

Another interesting contrast between this Porsche Design and the Seamaster is that it is quite a bit smaller than the Seamaster Pro Chrono, especially when you realize that they share the same base movement (V. 7750). The PD omits the Bezel and is not much bigger than the crystal alone of the Seamaster as a result. But as for wearing comfort, it is really very close between these three Chronos as long as you discount weight and size in the case of the Porsche Design.

One thing to remember about the Seamaster Pro Chrono is how few Chronometer - Chronographs there are on the market. I'm really attracted to both the Ventura V-Matic and Loga. But they are not really a sport watch per se. As of the past year or two Breitling has been certifying more and more of their offerings as C.O.S.C. Chronometers, they warrant a look as well. However, I have never been able to fathom the street prices on Rolex Daytona's... I mean one could get a Zenith El-Primero AND a Seamaster Chrono (in Titanium, no less) for less money than the street price of a Stainless Steel Daytona. One of these days I aspire to have more money than common sense too, but I guess I prefer having more sense to begin with. =) Seriously, Rolexphiles... I do hope that Rolex figures out a way to increase production of the Daytona without quality control problems. Perhaps their new in-house Chronograph movement will be the means by which this problem is alleviated. I wouldn't mind owning a Daytona. But not at $6,500 plus. Perhaps their new movement will allow them to produce more Daytona's although I've heard that they have no plans to increase production. It's more their loss than mine...
One of the things that I really find notable about the Seamaster Chrono is the attention to detail. Unlike my Titanium Porsche Design Chrono, or Kirium, the Seamaster doesn't have an integrated bracelet/case. It has more traditional lugs. However the design is nothing short of amazing. It is as solid as any integrated bracelet/case I've ever seen, and far superior to the Sinn Space One or Tutima NATO Chronograph. Another interesting touch is the wave design dial. In differing light conditions it looks black or navy and the wave pattern doesn't distract from the viewability in any way. The bright metal rings that frame the sub-dials is another fine detail that one doesn't notice except on close examination. And finally the one that floors me is the placement of the large luminous dot on the large second hand "Eclipses" the axle on the top subdial when at rest and eclipses the other axles as it rotates when the Chrono function is in operation. BRILLIANT!!! These folks were paying attention here!
The Seamaster Pro Chronograph is attractive because it is the watch that “has it all”... Chronometer rating, Automatic Winding mechanical movement with excellent durability and parts availablity, Chronograph, Calendar, Helium Release Valve, Saphire Crystal, an absolutely incredible bracelet w/divers extension & twin push button safety release, non-slip caseback, available in a variety of material's: dial/bezel colors, great water resistance rating, and the show stopper: the unmatched ability to operate the chronograph underwater without compromising the Water Resistance of the watch. No other mechanical watch boasts that feature. Jeff Huber and I (among many many others) say it's the best sports chronograph on the market, and you know what... People don't argue that point with us. There is nothing out there that does what this watch does at any price, much less the price point one can obtain one for.
(Note: as of January 2003 TAG-Heuer announced the AquaGraph 2000, a new chronograph with a 500m water resistance rating with underwater operable pushers... The AG2k will likely be a staunch competitor for the SeMPC and SeMPC-2 America's Cup and SeMPC Regatta/Racing models... At this point TAG-Heuer has announced the AG2k and is heavily promoting it in advance of Basel 2003 but no details on pricing or availability are known as of the date of this revision, 06-February-2003).
Oh, I do love the Speedmasters as well. But I do think that for most folks a Seamaster is a more practical decision. Better water resistance, stronger more scratch resistant crystal, automatic movement, more variety in terms of case materials (SS, Ti, Au), etc. The Speedmaster is like the '57 Thunderbird with the porthole top or the '63 Split window Corvette Coupe that shouldn't be touched because it's a classic, timeless and came from the factory soooo close to perfection. The Seamaster is the new classic that we will be speaking of in revered tones in 10, 20 and 30 years from now in the same way people who bought their prized Speedmaster's in the '60's and '70's do today.
-- Chuck


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