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Apple Computer, Inc.
Information about Apple, its products and history, plus press releases, phone numbers, and a gateway to Apple's numerous Web sites and resources.
Apple Support Information Web
Central point for Apple technical information, software updates, and informatuion resources.
Releases and copious developer information on OpenDoc.
Check out Apple's hot OpenDoc-based Internet tools!
Apple Tech Info Library
Nicely done searchable database of Apple technical issues, including lists of new and most-frequently-accessed articles.
Apple's QuickTime Web site often showcases cool new products and downloadable goodies.

Mac Resources

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Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Want to be a Photoshop master? This is a great place for information and tips, plus a digital gallery.
MacTech Magazine
An excellent Macintosh technical and development journal--a mandotry stop for hackers and programmers.
Scoops, news, opinion, features, and article archives from the Mac newsweekly.
The electronic Mac newsweekly, featuring Web versions of TidBITS issues and links to other useful sites.
The Well-Connected Mac
Web-based compilation of links to Mac software, periodicals, reviews, mailing lists, newsgroups, vendor information, and more.
Power Computing Corporation
The first vendor of Macintosh clones--check out the "Build Your Own Box" feature.
News and info from noted columnist Ric Ford.
Macintosh FAQs
Collections of FAQ files on hardware, software, specific applications, and programming, many in HTML format. An excellent information resource.
Macintosh Internet Resources
Pointers and information about Mac-related Internet sites and programs.
Macintosh Shopping Directory
Search by category through listings of Macintosh mail-order companies.
DTP Internet Jumplist
Links to numerous desktop-publishing resources on the Internet.
A strong online Macintosh journal availabel on the Web and in DOCMaker format. Check out the HotBits section for breaking news.
Providing Internet Services via the Mac OS
Information on setting up and maintaining Internet services (email, FTP, HTTP, mailing lists, and more) using Macs.
Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
The complete text of Adam Engst's best-selling Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh is available online, for free.
Macintosh Mailing Lists
An extensive, very useful collection of information about Macintosh-related mailing lists.
Macintosh Cryptography
Interested in preserving your online privacy as best you can? Check out these pages, which offer cryptography FAQs and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) tools for the Macintosh.
Newt News
A well-established, free weekly newsletter about the Newton and related technologies. A must-see for Newton users!
Everything Macintosh
A well-organized collection of links to Macintosh resources all over the Internet.
Check here for current and back issues, the MacUser mailing list, exclusive downloads, online exclusives, and more.
Adobe Systems
Adobe information, customer spotlights, and service.
Microsoft Corporation
Useful searchable Knowledge Base and FTP archive, downloadable software, and more.
Netscape Communications
Netscape's Home Page. Probably the most heavily hit page on the net!

Mac Software

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Apple Software Updates
Software archives and updates for all Apple products, recent system updates; Newton, Apple II and DOS/Windows products; and useful utility software.
University of Michigan Mac Archive
Another central Macintosh file site for freeware, shareware, product updates and information. This URL automatically selects a U.S. mirror site to distribute server load.
Macintosh Download Sites
One of the best page's for locating software on the Net.

Human Activies


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Asian Arts
A wide variety of exhibitions and articles on Asian art, gallery information, and reader feedback, all set in an elegant online design.
Art on the Net
Links to art sites and art happenings, plus a gallery and featured artists.
The Vatican Museums
Although not nondenominational, one of the best fine-art sites on the Web.
National Museum of American Art
Part of the Smithsonian Institution. Features exhibitions and tours of American art and artists.
Archives, information, and collaborative projects from artists around the Net.
ArtsEdNet, an online service developed by the Getty Education Institute for the Arts, supports the needs of the K-12 arts education community. It focuses on helping arts educators, general classroom teachers using the arts in their curriculum, museum educators, and university faculty involved in the arts.


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The Basketball Server
If your eyes can't help but follow the bouncing ball, this site's got everything you could want, including scores, tournaments, and game summaries.
There's no off-season for this national pasttime: look here for scores, analysis, statistics, rumors, articles, and much more.
Team NFL
The official NFL Web site actually has a lot of good football information, not to mention the latest on related event like (ahem) the NFL Golf Classic.
NHL Open Net
The only sport both cooler and slipperier than ice fishing; check here for news, game schedules, and general hockey info.
ESPNet Sportszone
The latest sports news, articles, and information from ESPN. Subscribers get live sports scores, video, player profiles, and more.
Home Page for the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), the world's largest sports research organization.

Health and Fitness

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MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
Extensive listings of online resources covering a vast range of medical concerns -- a great place to start looking for information on almost any medical topic.
An excellent collection of resources on a wide variety of medical topics, including cancer, heart disease, AIDS, neurological diseases, and much more.
Part of Columbia University's Health Service, Healthwise features "Go Ask Alice," a searchable, interactive question and answer service covering a wide variety of health topics.
Good Health Web
Collection of news, information, and pointers to health, fitness, and nutrition resources on the Net.
Subscription service offering medical information using non-technical terminology. Some material available for free.
Alternative Medicine Homepage
This page is a jumpstation for sources of information on unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies.


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The Dilbert Zone
One of the first syndicated comic strips to appear on the Net.
The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation
The first place to look if you can't get enough of a boy and his tiger--and space aliens, monsters, dinosaurs, and more.
The Dysfunctional Family Circus
If you require a strong dose of insulin after reading Bil Keane's overtly wholesome comic strip, this site is for you. Single-panel cartoons featuring the zany Circus crew are presented without the original caption - you fill in the blanks. Contributed text is invariably tasteless and, for those with the proper wit, a laugh riot.


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Free membership service that provides personalized lists of artists and albums based on your ratings of preselected examples.
Internet Underground Music Archive
Graphics-intensive look at bands, zines, independent record labels, and industry news.
the ultimate band list
A truly vast listing of artists, from Grammy-winners to the truly obscure. If you ever played in a college band, you might even be listed here.
The Original Unofficial Elvis Home Page
The King is still with us: check out the tour of Gracland, plus information for Elvis collectors and Elvis' Last Will and Testament. page
The "official" Web page of the newsgroup, you'll find enough links, FAQs, and info on the Fab Four here to fill the Albert Hall.
Guitar Chord of the Week
An excellent site for all guitar gods in waiting, Chord of the Week handles everything from A major to G13, with detailed descriptions of the chord's use, context, and theory.
ClassicalNet Home Page
A point-of-entry into a wide array of informational files about classical music, as well as links to other interesting web sites.


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The WebMuseum
Nicolas Pioch's extensive assembly of images and information on fine art from around the world.
American Memory
Select collections and primary source material on American culture and history.
Megacities 2000
Everything about the future development of cities.
Leslie's Guide to Wedding Planning
If you thought getting married would be simple, you're wrong. But Leslie Fowler has collected an enormous amount of helpful information on everything from invitations to that Hawaiian honeymoon.
Online Scotland
Your guide to the best of Scotland!


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The Top Ten Lists from LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN
When stupid pet tricks aren't enough, you can always search this online archive of Dave's Top Ten lists.
Internet Movie Database
Impressive, searchable, and expanding database of movie reviews, biographical information, filmographies, and film ratings by Net users.
Ultimate Television Network
TV news, information, ratings, and lists of Internet TV resources.
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Trekkers off the starboard bow! One of the lowest-common-denominators of the Internet community.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
This beautiful, in-depth site is one of the best TV-related sites on the Web.
Mr. Showbiz
Entertainment news, features, interviews, and gossip.
Knight Rider Home Page
And you thought David Hasslehoff was just a pop star and Baywatch lifeguard...
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Can you say that? Mr. Rogers?


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Roll Your Own Sushi
If you thought sushi was raw seafood, think again! Check here for all the information and background to prepare your own sushi.
Electronic Gourmet Guide (eGG)
An excellent monthly online magazine devoted to cooking and food, with letters, tips, trivia, and (of course) recipes and culinary advice.
Recipe Archive Index
Can't remember how to make that great tomato sauce with garlic and mint? Check here for hundreds of recipes and collections, from the basic to the outlandish.
The Beer Page
Anything you could want to know about home brewing, including recipes, archived discussions, FAQs, and pointers to online beer resources.
Virtual Vineyards
Virtual Vineyards is a pioneering direct marketer of fine foods and wines on the Internet.


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The Web Voyeur
People have been putting video cameras on the Internet longer than the Web has existed, but the Web Voyeaur provides categorized access to an astounding number of live video devices.
Travel Periodicals Page
Links to travel magazines throughout the Web.
Internet Travel Mall
Directory of travel destinations throughout the world, with links to various travel-related Web sites.
Lonely Planet online
Lonely Planet travel guides are designed to kickstart your travels and help you on your way. Just a click away is the latest travel information sourced from our authors, researchers and fellow travellers.


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The Electronic Newsstand
Magazines, sports, an electronic bookstore, music, travel, news, and more.
The Online Books Page
Searchable indexes and links to online texts.
The Etext Archives
Info and links to online text and publishing resources
E-Zine List
John Labovitz's comprehensive guide to nearly every online publication.
Internet Book Information Center
Links to authors, libraries, books, magazines, and reference materials.
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Well-maintained, comprehensive listing of SF resources on the net; many links and pointers.
Queensboro Ballads
A "record album" of personal essays and stories from Literary Kicks' Levi Asher.
An Entirely Other Site
Greg Knauss might not know everything about life, but he's sure willing to share. His observations, that is, not his slurpees.
The Book of Bitterness
A surprising collection of honest, personal accounts to the newsgroup alt.bitterness.
Urban Desires
Polished online magazine of style, technology, art, food, travel, and more.
Brought together by Apple, Adobe, and Borders Books, Salon presents coffee-table arts and culture reading for the Web.
Daily essays on the Net and almost any other topic--sometimes one of the most pointed online soapboxes. Not for the faint-of-heart.
Time Warner's enormous Web site provides a wide array of material, including popular publications such as Sports Illustrated, Time, and Entertainment Weekly, and much more.
Politics, the Web, art, gizmos, music, travel, and more--if it exists, it's a fair target for HotWired's neon-laden digital take on postmodern culture.
Utne Online
For over a decade, UTNE READER has served as a guide to the best of alternative media by presenting great articles culled from a zillion sources and original work that helps put issues into fuller context.


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Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web
If you're on the Web to play games, these pointers and descriptions are a great place to start.
Marathon Hyperarchive
So you like Bungie Software's Marathon? You haven't lived until you've edited levels and saved games, read the spoiler guide, and visited every Marathon site on the Net.
Chess Space
The Internet Source for information about Chess.



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Internal Revenue Service
Frequently asked questions and tax help.
Tax Forms and Publications
Searchable lists of tax forms plus official Adobe Acrobat versions of most IRS tax forms.
The White House
Overviews of the executive branch, press releases, speeches, tours, and the first family.
Census Bureau
Department information and links to other sites.
Well-maintained and growing collection of federal information. Managed by the National Technical Information Service.
Consumer Information Catalog
More than 200 consumer publications online about federal benefits, housing, cars, health, and more.
Nicely presented fincance information intended mainly for government professionals, with an emphasis on sharing innovative ideas and techniques.
CIA World Factbook
Maps, statistical info on regions and nations worldwide--perhaps the best online almanac the net has to offer.
THOMAS: Legislative Information
Searchable Database, with full text of House and Senate bills and the Congressional Record.
Social Security Administration
Social Security news, publications, state-by-state info, statistical data, and employer information. Notably, available in Spanish and English.
The Jefferson Project
Just about everything you wanted to know about current U.S. politics, including online resources, current campaigns, special issues, and (of course) political humor.
104th Congress Legislation
Search the full text of bills from the 104th Congress.
An unauthorized guide to the U.S. Congress.
U.S. House Of Representatives
The official Web site of the U.S. House of Representatives, with schedules, info, and member information.
The United States Senate
The official Web site of the U.S. Senate, with member and committee information.
Directorate of Time
The source of official time in the U.S., plus history, info on time scales, GPS, and links to the National Earth Orietnation Service (NEOS).
E-Hawk Cadre
Links to a variety of military sites and information sources.
Institute for Better Education Through Resource Technology
Worried about the deficit? Interested in flat tax proposals? Check here for analysis and budget data assembled from federal agencies.
United Nations Web server
Overview of United Nations programs and resources.
GOPAC is a Republican organization that trains and teaches conversative Republicans to run for state, local, and federal offices.
U.S. political news, opinion, rumor, and analysis from CNN, Newsweek, and the Washington Post.
Daily, updated election of political coverage from ABC News and other news organizations.
Supreme Court Decisions
Recent and selected historic decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Federal Budget
Detailed federal budget data and analysis from IBERT, a non-profit organization.
Federal Web Locator
A vast, searchable list of federal government resources and information, as well as related sites and organizations.
Digital Democrats
Information about the Democratic Party,its platform and orgnization, plus links to other Democrat resources on the Net.
Library of Congress
The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.


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The Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library organizes Internet resources into rooms and stacks much like a physical library.
Extensive selection of links to libraries and library-related sites accessible via the Web.
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Today, we are a multiprogram lab where research in advanced materials, biosciences, energy efficiency, detectors and accelerators focuses on national needs in technology and the environment. Berkeley Lab is located in the Berkeley Hills, next to one of the world's great universities -- the University of California at Berkeley.


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The NASA Home Page
Home-page central for NASA, plus news, NASA on-line resources, and subject indexes.
Comet Observation Home Page
Excellent collection of resources, records, and images of comets.
Welcome to the Planets
Graphics-intensive collection of high-quality images and information on NASA's planetary exploration program.
Ocean Planet
A traveling exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution, featuring information on
Mars Pathfinder
Information on JPLs planned Mars Rover!
Exploratorium Home Page
The world-famous San Francisco Exploratorium offers online exhibits and science news geared toward children, students, and educators
Space Calendar
Overview of planned launches, events, and important anniversaries.
Tree of Life
An excellent example of the Web's potential, the Tree of Life Project attempts to categorize every living organism on the planet. Academic and a little bare in places (it's a big subject!), but with many areas of surprising detail.
Earth and Universe
An online guide to stars, nebulae, galaxies, and more, with audio and MPEG movies.
National Air and Space Museum
The National Air Space Museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution, and features online exhibitions, photos, and many other online resources.
The Nine Planets
A revolution in planetary science has been brought about by the use of interplanetary spacecraft. The pages below describe each of the planets and major moons in our solar system in the light of that knowledge.


General Business

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Well-organized catalog of businesses and product information on the Web.
Commercial Services on the Net
Directory of commercial sites, resources, and services on the Internet. One of the most comprehensive business listings on the Net with more than 24,000 listings, organized alphabetically.
A leading non-profit consortium for electronic commerce and transactions.
Company News on Call
A great place to search for news on specific public and privately-held companies.
Hot Business Sites
Examples of sites conducting business, marketing, customer support, and more via the Internet.
STAT-USA/Internet Site Economic, Trade, Business Information
Subscription-based service providing data from more than 50 federal agencies, assembled by the Department of Commerce.
SEC EDGAR Database
The Securities and Exchange Commission's database of business information.
Institute of Management and Administration
Online guide to investment and business resources, including credit managment, insurance, sales and marketing, risk management, small business resources, and much more.


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Online Career Center
A nonprofit employer association for those looking for jobs or employees. Search rsums and get recruiter info.
Interactive Employment Network
Online employment information, featured employers, salary guides, job-hunting tips, and more.
A list of online job resource sites -- a good staring point for career searches on the Web.
Hundreds of categorized job listings from newspapers throughout the U.S.

Investing/Personal Finance

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The Silicon Investor
Stay on top of technology stocks with news and analysis.
Mutual Funds Online
The on-line version of Mutual Funds magazine. Subscription-based, but free partial access is available.
Internet Brokerage Services
Subscriber brokerage services on the Net.
NETworth Internet Investor Network
Information on mutual funds, stocks, and other investments, along with topical articles and portfolio services.
Personal Finance Center
Info and topical articles on personal finance and home businesses.
The Investor's Website
Pointers to investor resources, along with company and mutual find information, plus tips and information.
Substantial listing of financial and economic resources.
Internet Real Estate Directory
Real-estate news, information, and services, especially relating to the on-line world.


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The Internet Mall
Large, searchable listing of a wide variety of stores and commercial services, organized by product category.
Cyberian Outpost
Online shopping and information on computer hardware and software, with an emphasis on the Macintosh. Also, check out the new arrivals and what new releases are expected.
Save time and order from the Tupperware catalog online--no need to attend those chatty parties!
WordsWorth books
An online version of Cambridge's Wordsworth bookstore, Virtual Wordsworth offers online articles and specials, plus searching and ordering.
Searchable, online shopping for CDs, cassettes, and more.
Archie McPhee
Oh, come on--we all know where you bought that pickle-flavored chewing gum and that rubber chicken!
Searchable, online shopping for CDs, cassettes, and music videos. Books
Claiming to be the earth's largest bookstore, you can subscribe to a personal notification service, search through the catalog of over 1 million titles, and (of course) order books online.

Sea of Resources


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This venerable Web catalog is now its own company and features a searchable database, a subject catalog, and reviews of "top" Web sites.
One of the original "Web robots," WebCrawler is now owned by America Online and features very quick searching of its massive catalog of Web documents.
Infoseek is an excellent searching and information service, but some of its best benefits (like searching commercial publications and services) are restricted to paying members.
Intelligent search engine that compiles results from a wide variety of Internet search services.
ATT 800 Directory
Search ATT's toll-free 800 directory.
World Wide Yellow Pages
Searchable directories of online businesses.
Magellan is an Internet directory providing searchable access to reviewed sites. Sometimes the reviews aren't very on-target, but they do provide some idea of what you're getting into.
Brought to you by c|net, this site lets you quickly search for information using a wide variety of Internet and Web-searching resources.
The knowbot lets you look for people on the Internet by combining results from a variety of services. Results vary, but can be surprisingly accurate.
Searchable archives of Usenet news--an excellent utility for finding expired postings or items from a particular writer.
Yahoo offers an almost unparalleled collection of links to on-line information sources--it's searchable and categorized by topic.
InterNIC Directory of Directories
Simple yet effective listing of directories and services on the Net.
Look for someone's e-mail address by name and region/domain. Mixed (and often extensive) results.
Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists
Info on finding and using Internet mailing lists.
Global Network Navigator (GNN)
GNN (the Global Network Navigator) provides news, topical articles, online shopping, and concise summaries of material available on the Internet.
Providing the most reliable centralized way for people to use the Internet to find and communicate with each other.


or go back to the Top. -- The Internet Newspaper
Business, weather, entertainment, and wire service news, plus everything you could want to know about Wyoming.
An online version of the New York Times Fax service, with current articles and breaking stories.
Mercury Center
The San Jose Mercury News provides US and world news, with a special emphasis on California and technology topics.
The Gate
A free, timely Web version of the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner.
National Public Radio
Information on NPR shows and programming, plus RealAudio versions of current newscasts and specials.
CNN Interactive
The latest news and world information from CNN, including weather, entertainment, technology, health, and more.
The Daily News - Just the Links
What i understand as "news" is "the daily news as you would find in a newspaper or radio or TV news broadcast of reasonable quality." The amount of news offered, the language, etc. don't matter.


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Internet Tools Summary
John December's extensive summation of Internet tools.
Searchable Usenet FAQ archive
Got a question you think might have been asked already, but aren't even sure what FAQ files you should be looking for? This is a great place to figure out what FAQs have your answers.
The WWW Virtual Library: Subject Catalog
The subject catalog to the wide-ranging, distributed collection of sites making up the World Wide Web Virtual Library.
World Wide Web Home
So who's responsible for the Web anyway? If you're going to point a finger, these folks at CERN are your best target.
Roget's Thesaurus
Get that word from the tip of your tongue to the pixels of your screen.
Webster's English Dictionary
It may not put words in your mouth, but it will put them on your screen.
Lexis-Nexis Communication Center
Leading subscription-based news and information service, focusing on legal, business, and government topics.
Earthquake Info from USGS
Shake it up, baby! The US Geological Survey provides current earthquake information from around the world. Now you can find out out whether it's the Big One or just your neighbor's stereo.
Nolo Self-Help Law Center
Nolo Press publishes self-help legal information on a variety of topics, from immigration issues to child custody agreements.
Awesome Lists
Many valuable Web sites are simply collections of links to other Web sites. This one goes one step further by assembling links to the best collections of links.
Peterson's Education Center
Peterson's is an information services company, the leading provider of information on US-accredited educational institutions and special programs found around the world.


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Information and materials for integrating information technology into the classroom.
Sites and resource links for integrating the Internet into K-12 curriculums.
AskERIC Home Page
Graphics-intensive, searchable source for lesson plans, info guides, and FAQs for educators.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
The NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML is the most frequently requested file on NCSA's Web servers.

Islands of Misfit Pages

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The Fashion Page
Everything you ever wanted to know about fashion, for men and women.
Web Personals
Where lonely Web-surfers meet for romance, companionship, or - um - technical support.
Mirsky's Worst of the Web
If you thought the Web might be bringing on the end of civilizaton... well, Mirsky agrees with you.
Justin's Links from the Underground
Is it art, or just sleep deprivation? Not necessarily tasteful or organized, but... unique.
Can't decide where to go? Random URL selection takes you to new heights... or lows... or...
Useless WWW Pages
Amazing real-life Web pages you have to see to believe.
Build-A-Card: Greeting Cards for Holidays, Birthdays, Thank You Cards, more!
If you think those "create a custom card" things in Hallmark shops are great, you'll love creating and sending your own electronic cards.
Internet Oracle Index
The latest ponitifications from the famed Internet Oracle.
Light Bulb Jokes
And you thought you'd heard them all...
Klingon Language Institute
Learn to translate in real time! Amaze friends and family!
The 80s Server
Journey with us back to a time when David Lee Roth and Reaganomics ruled.
Mentos - the Freshmaker!
If those hip teens solving problems with candy don't appeal to you, we're sure their catchy jingle will!
Virtual Kissing Booth
If the Web Personals don't work out, you can always leavea a personal caption here...
Dead People Server
More than 99 percent of all the people who ever lived are dead. These pages celebrate their legacy, with special sections for rock stars and celebrities.
Scott's Page of Evil
Really -- Scott's a nice guy. But there are bad things going on elsewhere...
Famous Birthdays
What do Elvis Costello, Sean Connery, and Regis Philbin have in common? Their birthday!
Twenty-dollar words... for free! Also available via e-mail.
Today's Fun Fact
The place to go if you're studying for that championship run on Jeopardy.
The WWW Speedtrap Registry
A site for drivers, designed to reduce the environmental impact from paper used by law enforcement officers.
Main Sanitary Nag (Anagram Insanity)
Turn a "brief description" into a "spider fiber tonic" in one simple step.
The Corporation
If you thought the Illuminati or Freemasons were taking over the world, think again.
Cyrano Server
Tongue-tied? Can't find the right words to express your feelings? Fear not--Cyrano, ghostwriter to the love-struck, will handle it for you!
Colossal Waste of Bandwidth
If you love Andy Ihnatko, well, this is the place to be. If not...

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