In 1977 a small company out of central Illinois published a modest game costing $11.98, consisting of three little books with black covers & red stripes in a plain black, white & red box. In 1978 I came across this game at a (now defunct) game shop and quickly became addicted. The game, Traveller, is probably my favorite Role-Playing game, and has been so for over 18 years.
The latest version is known as T4, for Traveller 4th Edition, but is formally known as:

Marc Miller's Traveller (T4) is being sold by Imperium Games.
Traveller® is a Registered Trademark of FarFuture Enterprises. Traveller® is Copyright © 1996.

Thus far I have not generated much in the way of stuff that I consider "worthy" of making available to the net. An exception is my FileMaker Pro 3.0 for Mac Character Record Sheet Database.

I am also making available a Plain Hex Subsector form and a Numbered Hex Subsector Form. Each is stuffed in ClarisDraw, MacDraw II & Pro, PICT, JPEG, and GIF formats.

The best place to get up to date current discussion on Traveller is without a doubt the Traveller Mailing lists. If your mail server can handle up to 150k a day of information (usually less but somedays it can reach this!) you may wish to subscribe to these lists. Visit the TML/XTML FAQ Page.

To get Traveller info direct from the source visit Imperium Game's site & their Traveller Links.

Another useful "quasi-offical" site is the History of the Imperium Working Group (HIWG): Which also has some interesting information relating to: Quadrant IV and Yiklerzdanzh .

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