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Top Up Down Bottom  The 1960s:

-- A Heuer Carrera Catalog printed in 1964

In the early years Heuer used the classically designed column-wheel movements in the Carrera. Among them Valjoux 72 (three register: sweep second, 30 min.-counter,12 hour counter), Valjoux 92 (two register, sweep second and 45 min.-counter) and also the Landeron 189 without column wheel (one register: 45 min.-counter, date, no sweep second), this version is very uncommon, and rarely seen...

Here are a couple of '60's Style Carreras:

-- An uncommon Carrera 12 Black w/White Sub-dials.

-- Heuer Ad from October 1964 Issue of Car and Driver Magazine (click to open a large {500k+} version )

A recent Heuer Autavia acquisition by Chuck yielded a Heuer World Wide Service booklet. Generally Heuer shipped non-model specific booklets with watches it sold. Thus the booklet included with an Autavia 12 would be identical to one included with a Carrera 12. The nice thing about this is that this manual is generic enough that not only does it serve as a manual for any Heuer equipped with a Valjoux 72 movement, it also can be used as a manual for any make Valjoux 72, or 726 movement, and the instructions would essentially be the same for the Omega Speedmaster's and Tissot T-12's using c.321 and c.861 movements... A portal to a web page with scans of this document follows:

Heuer World Wide Service Booklet:

A rather uncommon Carrera Landeron 189

Matthias' Carrera 45 Valjoux 92


From an old catalog

-- Some shots from a Carrera 45 offered on the web

-- Heuer Leonidas Ad from Automobile Year No. 15 1967-1968 Edition (click on picture for 800 pixel wide version
1600 Pixel wide Version)

Later Heuer also used the more economically constructed cam switched Valjoux 773x movements like the one pictured here:


Valjoux 773x

Heuer during this epoch often produced watches with little rhyme or reason. Actually, that's a bit incorrect, Heuer during most epochs often produced watches with little rhyme or reason, and the 1960's were certainly no exception. It seems that if they could produce a certain model and thought they could sell it, they did produce it. So one sees some particularly weird Carreras floating around... For they were, well, odd times. So often it is difficult to tell for certain if a certain hand is proper or not.

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