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I was a reasonably satisfied Newton Message Pad Owner. Having been an early adopter (13 August 1993) of the original Message Pad, upgrading it to a MP100, and purchasing a MP120 (with NewtOS 2.0), a Message Pad 2000 (and upgrading it to a MP2100) as soon as they were available.

Then Apple did one of the STUPIDEST things that they had done in their existance: They spun off the Newton Division, spun it back in and then killed within the space of 6 months or so. This deranged behaviour confounds and confuses fans, developers, and critics alike to this day. While the Newton wasn't the answer to everything it was a great adjunct to a desktop and even to a laptop computer.

Recently I noticed that I was using my Newton less and less. After some reflection I realized that the main reason is that the Newton's size was a factor in minimizing it's use. While the Newton isn't by any means huge, it is about 4-6 times the size of a Palm Pilot or Palm III. After some shopping around I decided to purchase a Palm III and thus far I've been quite pleased with it. I hope that Apple will soon see fit to reintroduce the Newton Line preferably with some of the form factors I would be quite likely to buy: A Palm III sized Newt', a 9"x12" "Drafting" Message Pad, and a Sony VAIO or Toshiba Libretto-sized PowerBook work-a-like. Until then my PDA bases are covered...

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E-Mail Conduits:
Actual Software, DataViz
Expense Programs:
Shana and WalletWare have Mac conduits in the works that will send the PalmPilot's Expense data to Informed Designer, Excel, or FileMaker templates.
FileMaker Connectivity:
Rob Tsuk's free Jfile conduit
John J. Lehtt's Jfile
Mac/Pilot Resources
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