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I initially created these pages to facilitate my foray's on the internet. Putting up a home page allowed me to synchronize my most used links from my Desktop machines at home, at work, my Laptop machines, and my Newton. By having this home page, and updating it my links are always in sync, and I can access them from almost any machine connected to the internet even if it is not my own. This has saved me a tremendous amount of time and allows me to point out places to colleagues by directing them to a specific page at this site. As I am constantly finding new useful information these pages change on an almost daily basis. As a result these pages have a huge number of links, as I take a "Shotgun" as opposed to a "Rifle" approach.

Of course if you have suggestions or wish to contact me,
Please feel free to e-mail me, I'd love to hear from you.

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Internet Weather Report, NetStat, Internet Performance Measurement, Internet Tools
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Search Engines
ADA & Disability Issues
Computer Links
MacUser's 101
Planet Internet

Descriptions of the Links above:

The internet is a vital reference tool for research provided you have a good selection of Search Tools, and I do!.

Since 1987, I have made my living with computers, primarily with "Apple Silicon". Try my favorite Computer Related Links, with separate pages of links to major Apple, MacOS and Newton Sites.

One of my current hot hobbies, is Horology or watch collecting. I have only been actively collecting watches since January 1999, but I have already amassed a large number of links and written a number of articles which you can access through my watch page..

I have a number of friends who are disabled, for those friends and others I have included this link to a wonderful page dealing with ADA & Disability Issues.

Looking for information on Business/Finance/News /Shipping Links or tracking an item shipped?

For seven years I was employed at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA). Thus I have an interest in the education field. Here are some useful Education Links.

The Government, it's huge and getting bigger everyday. Keep an eye on it through these links.

The internet is quickly becoming the Fourth major media. The others being Print, Radio and Television. Because of it's very nature, the Internet is quickly becoming a vital reference tool for the other three... Media Links for Books, Movies, Music, News, and Sports.

Since I was a sophomore in High School, I have been a "Gamer". First traditional board wargames, soon thereafter Role Playing games. Here's a page of Gaming sites... My favorite game is Traveller.

I've had a life long interest in Geography/Topography and Weather. In addition as I have Traveled extensively the last seven or eight years, I have found a bunch of links that are useful when planning a trip.

Sometimes you run across the Wackiest Schtuff on the Web. This page is devoted to them.

Sometimes where you are at isn't where you want to be. Try some Job Search links I have accumulated to find something new!

Mac User has published several excellent bookmark collections: MacUser's 101 and MacUser's Planet Internet.

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